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Visit the White Pristine beaches of Florida-Sarasota Beach

By Amanda Smith, Posted on 08 Oct, 2021 at 12:00 am

Sarasota Beach, nestled in the region of Sarasota County in the State of Florida, is mainly popular for its beautiful Pristine beaches and white sand that feels like silk. The beautiful sparkling water of the sea reflects the most stunning shade of Turquoise color and is a destination for millions of people every year! The drinks and cocktails served here on the beach are some of the most loved tropical drinks enjoyed by the visitors.

Sarasota County is quite an extensive body of various stunning beaches, each dominant and beautiful in its way! Before discussing the best hotels in Sarasota, FL on the beach, let's take a look and what does it has to offer from its vast natural treasure:

Things to see and do in Sarasota Beach:

Starting off with a brief intro, let's dive deeper into some fun facts that will enhance your trip:

What's waiting for you in Sarasota Beach?

It's no wonder that natural sites and soft white sand are the main attraction of Sarasota Beach. However, there is more to the place which people know quite less of. The local artwork here is quite astounding, which includes exquisite oil paintings, pottery, and other handcrafted items for showcasing in local markets and exhibitions that attract hefty crowds of people throughout the state and from many other countries!

Besides these spectacular silky beaches, this area of Sarasota County is loaded with art museums and botanical gardens for showcasing and Research purposes. Many of the botanical Gardens here serve as a natural reserve for many rare plant species and other flora.

When to visit Sarasota Beach?

The rough weather of Florida state makes it quite limited to travel this region of Sarasota County; however, tourists from all over the world still manage to stay a couple of weeks here before the tsunami arrives. The best time to visit Sarasota Beach, Florida, is from March to May and from September to November. The weather conditions during these months are pretty manageable, and the crowd is much less compared to the peak times.

Places to visit in Sarasota Beach:

Now that we have discussed the most optimal duration to visit Sarasota Beach, let’s take a look at the most amusing tourism points here that are operating 24/7:

Ringling Museum of Art:

This Art Museum is one of the hottest tourist attractions and is one of the world-famous Museum destinations to travel to! But that's not all that you can do here. You can do hiking, tracking, jogging, fishing, and many other activities in the nearby regions associated with this Art Museum.

Saint Armands Circle:

Located on a Small Island across the bay of Sarasota, this region is famous for providing a wide variety of shopping sprees, featuring a diverse collection of the latest trends and oldest Vogue style fashion that are still fresh!

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens:

Natural lovers will definitely adore this place! Considered the most stunning botanical garden of Sarasota county, this garden features hundreds and thousands of botanical species and acts as a natural reserve for them.

The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature:

This Science and Nature Museum hosts many fascinating yearly and bi-yearly educational events specially catered for children. Families highly appreciate the virtual science events here.

How to get around the city?

Now that we have discussed the most optimal weather condition and the best places to visit to enhance we are tourism experience, let's discuss the most comfortable and reasonable mode of commute that suits your travel nature:

Via Trolley and Taxi/Cab:

Traveling in Sarasota beach and Siesta key beach, one can opt to travel here via a local cab or taxi service or can opt for the comfortable Trolley pick-ups. The Breeze Trolley here is unique and a fun way to travel from one place to another, giving the tourist an option for bulk bookings topped off with handsome discounts!

Via Carpooling Services:

Just like all of America, the local yet globally famous carpooling services of Uber are quite trendy and comfortable here. The fares, however, might be a bit more than the local trolley services, but these carpooling facilities are much cheaper than the local cab or taxi services operating throughout the city.

Best hotels to book for your trip:

Now that we have discussed each and everything regarding your trip here to Sarasota beach, let us discuss the main topic of our blog that is the best Sarasota beach hotels:

 Lido Key Beach Resort:

This exquisite luxury hotel is mainly known for providing its guests with a patio and complete air-conditioned rooms on the beachfront. Many booking sites have awarded the property as a house-based hotel accommodation to its guests. The hotel interior is quite elegant, and the place feels like home.

Ritz Carlton Sarasota Beach Club:

Nestled in the central Sarasota Bay beachfront, this luxurious five-star hotel accommodation is famous for offering stunning beachside views via private balconies. So take a romantic beachside walk along the private beach provided by the hotel management or glance at those mesmerizing sunset views from your balcony. Play along with the Beach Club or enjoy your indoor breakfast while watching the beautiful city or beach bay views!

Hyatt Residence Club Sarasota:

This four-star luxury hotel is located on the beachfront of Siesta key, and features a private beach area to enjoy your evenings. So, enjoy the spacious hotel rooms, or take a relaxing bath at the hot tub, play endlessly in the gaming area or plan your fitness routine here or skip your diet for a week at the barbecue grill area!

Holiday Inn Sarasota:

Located on the beachfront, this three-star hotel is just adjacent to the famous shopping arena of Saint Armands circle. Enjoy the local and international cuisines of onsite restaurants are let your creativity out at the Tiki bar, where you can create your very own proportions of tropical cocktails!

Ritz Sarasota Beach Club:

Located on the Beachfront, this exquisite 5-star luxe hotel features stunning beach views that are easily observed by the private balconies provided in every room! Sit back and relax at the Spa center for a stroll around the private beach provided by the hotel management. Play along with the Beach Club or enjoy the gulf views from the comforting and soothing hot baths.

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