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By Ava Garcia, Posted on 24 Oct, 2021 at 03:01 pm

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Miramar Beach

Also known as the second Destin, Miramar Beach, Florida, is mainly a sandy region with a most pleasant environment and is a hub of diverse beach neighborhoods. This fun-filled place is mainly popular for antique shopping and beach-related sports such as badminton and volleyball.

This beachside neighborhood is mainly known for its surfing facilities, iconic beachside restaurants, and luxurious resorts that feature stunning panoramic sightings of the elegant Turquoise Gulf of Mexico. It is usually expensive here, but every penny spent here is worth it! Before discussing the Miramar Beach Florida hotels, let's discuss a few important things about this elegant beach of Florida:

Things to see and do in Miramar Beach:

Before we start off with the main part of the whole blog, let's take a look at the Treasures this iconic beach of Florida has to offer us:

What’s waiting for you in Miramar Beach?

Besides its stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico, this prestigious beach of Florida is mainly known for its stunning beach views and comfortable weather throughout the year! The place is generally hot, but the summer breeze is quite cool. The beachside community is quite friendly, and many celebrities have opted to live here permanently. The water of Miramar beach ranks 3rd in its clarity and cleanliness and is generally much better than Destin beach in terms of population.

When to visit Miramar Beach?

Due to the weather conditions of the state of Florida, the ideal duration to visit Miramar beach is from mid-February to the end of May, or you can also visit this beach from early October till the end of December. The Peaceful environment during February makes this place one of the most soul calming destinations in Florida.

Places to visit in Miramar Beach:

Consider visiting these regions adjacent to the Miramar beach, which are hands down the best and our picks for your holiday trips! You can also opt for booking Miramar Beach FL hotels in the nearby region of these famous tourism spots:

Henderson Beach State Park:

This state park is close to Destin in the North-Western region of Florida State, featuring a mood boardwalk to the beachside. The greenery here is scattered in the form of small Oasis, shrubs, and Seaweed.

Emerald Bay Golf Club:

This elegant 18 hole Golf Course is one of the most famous Golf Courses in the whole state! This Golf Club is a phenomenal place to dine in and buffet brunch, featuring a local eatery and hiking region nearby.

Crystal Beach Drive:

The stunning beach drive is one of the most family-friendly places and the state of Florida, featuring beautiful Emerald green Bay views and soft golden brown beach sand.

How to get around the city?

Following are the ways you can opt for while getting around this city:

Via beachside van and trolley:

Traveling via the local beachside van and trolley services is the most convenient and cheapest method to get around the place. The beachside van is less crowded, whereas the trolley services here are quite comfortable.

Via  carpooling and  bus services:

The local bus service is the widely used local service to get around the city of Miramar, Florida, where is the famous carpooling service of Uber might be a bit expensive but is quite comfortable and gives you a personalized travel experience and is usually less expensive than the local van services here in Miramar Beach Florida.

Best hotels to book for your trip:

Now that we have covered everything necessary to get thorough know-how of the city, let’s now discuss in detail the best Miramar Beach Florida hotels:

Hilton Garden Inn Destin Miramar Beach Fl

220 Scenic Gulf Drive, Miramar Beach, United States

rates from $ 314.9

Located on the scenic Gulf drive of Destin, Florida, this iconic 3-star hotel features a splendid room service facility; and serves the best beach bay view of Destin just 300 meters apart from Miramar beach reviews. Enjoy your favorite full-course Continental cuisine at the site restaurant or create your very own tropical Cocktail at the site's bar. Or you could also reshape your fitness schedule at the gym arena and fitness center.

Surfside Resort

11125 US Highway 98 West (Check-in Only), Miramar Beach, United States

rates from $ 259.2

Located in the hub of many urban amenities, this phenomenal 3-star hotel is highly rated by reservation websites as the best home-like hotel that makes you feel at home. The spacious yet elegant rooms here are going to deliver you a class apart from the comfort that you will never forget! Glance at the most beautiful poolside view, or cycle around the nearby region of the property that splashes your face with the coolest of the fresh beach winds.

Embassy Suites Destin Miramar Beach

570 Scenic Gulf Drive, Miramar Beach, United States

rates from $ 413.0

Located in the scenic Gulf drive of Destin, Florida, just a few meters away from Miramar Beach, this exquisite 3-star hotel is mainly known for its stunning aqua green and aqua blue oceanic views featuring a white sand beach that is soft as silk! Take a deep dive at the outdoor pool, enjoy your continental breakfast at the property site, or you can benefit from the 24/7 available Snack Bar at the hotel site.

Seascape Resort Properties

Seascape Drive, Miramar Beach, United States

rates from $ 169.0

Offering a wide range of Destin Miramar beach Florida, this 3-star hotel is mainly known for providing its visitors with stunning sky blue to Turquoise colored oceanic views of the Gulf of Mexico. Avail of the best dining experience in Destin Miramar, Florida, or you could enjoy a friendly tournament with your loved ones at the gaming Arena. This hotel has been awarded the best family-friendly hotel in Destin Miramar Beach, Florida, and we suggest you visit this place for its phenomenal hotel services.

Embassy Suites Destin Miramar Beach

570 Scenic Gulf Drive, Miramar Beach, United States

rates from $ 413.0

This luxury 3-star hotel mainly serves the best of the personalized accommodational stay experience and features two luxe styled room suites! Avail of the best of Hilton’s private beach access and made-to-order breakfast at the elegant dining hall or in your spacious hotel room, or you could also benefit from the sides fitness center and personalized room services available 24/7.

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