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Miami - The Magical City!

By Emma Burne, Posted on 07 Oct, 2021 at 12:00 am

Miami Travel Guide

Miami, the city of Florida, is a magical urban, where the reflection of sun rays, crystalline silver beaches, and leisurely holiday atmosphere flock tourists of all ages. Whether you want a relaxing coastal vacation, thrilling spring trip, a romantic getaway, or an opportunity to meet celebrities, head to Miami. Relish sparkling sand of beaches, vibrant museums, art galleries, dining, and lively nightlife.

This city has been a perfect destination for tourists escaping the snowy site of the north. Lose your jackets and wear a swimsuit to feel the sun's warmness at Miami's South Beach and Biscayne Bay. Or cheer your night up with the sip of cocktails at the South Beach's bars. And adore the spectacular collection of art at Wynwood Art District, or keep your eyes out to Holocaust Memorial. It boasts a world reputation for its lively nightlife and sculpturing and art scene, but Miami is also a city with enriching and entertaining activities to do.

Many travelers come to see the magical show of Dolphin at Miami Sea Aquarium. Don’t miss attending the great street’s Calle Ocho Festival. Are you an adventure enthusiast? Enjoy boating, beach trolling, sailing, and swimming at the vast coastline of Miami's Beach. Many people think that Miami is all about the nightlife, clubs, and beaches. This is a city with a kid-friendly environment and various entertaining activities to do with kids. You can opt for the trip at South Pointe Park or can watch cartoon movies and kid-friendly concerts at SoundScape amusement Park. For some indoor adventures, head to the Children's Dade County Museum or Fun Dimension. To play with water, head to the Miami Water Sports, where you can do swimming or visit Tidal Cove Waterland. To enjoy wildlife, head to the Everglades Safari Park or Miami Zoo. From coastlines to the museum, our travel guide has covered all the top Attractions of Miami for you!

12 Great Things to do in Miami

What do you pick up when you join Gulf stream warm water, unspoiled silvery sand coastlines, and sparkling nightlife fun? A way for an incredible holiday destination is what? The reputation of Florida as the state of Sunshine is well justified. What do you think about a vacation to Miami? This travel guide is just got you. Grab a ticket from International Miami Airport and start your journey to explore this Magical City. From Design District, Miami Seaquarium to Miami's Zoo and Everglades Park, our travel guide brings you all the best most-visited spots of this city.

 Zoo Miami

Visit this Downtown located interesting subtropical zoo of Miami. This is the largest subtropical zoo in the US and has 2,000 animal species with complete habitat. The animals' cages are designed with the usual habitat and allow animals to be familiar with that environment. This inventive and artificial-designed zoo is similar to a natural expedition to a traditional zoo. This is a place where you can acknowledge the wildlife and see the animal interaction in the wild. Don't miss taking a tour around this zoo where you can explore different terrestrial zones like the Asia zone, Africa, Amazon, and many more. Either you are with your kids or a child-heart person, there is no shortage of enjoyment for visitors of all ages; that's why it is a highly preferred spot to visit. Plus, don’t miss to visit right next to the door's museum named Gold Coast Railroad, which enhances the value of this zoo.

 South Beach Nightlife

Visit this magical nightlife spot located near Biscayne Bay. At this spot, you'll enjoy many chic shops, aesthetic beaches, and sparkling nightlife. South Beach is a top-notch spot with classy resorts. Jump on South Pointe Park wharf from the central city and enjoy delectable foods at many trendy restaurants and cafeterias dot the alleyways and streets near this park. Then head to Washington Street for further amusement. Once the sun rises, head to the Museum of Florida Jewish or sink your toes under the pristine sand of this beach. When the sunsets, sit down at the waterfront restaurant for a delicious and romantic dinner. Shake your body at the various bars and clubs and experience the nightlife of this beach.


 Calle Ocho & Little Havana

Explore the Cuban culture in this neighborhood of Miami and experience bustling coffee bar life here. This spot is located at the 8th southwest street. Jump at Calle Ocho Fame Walk and spliff off in other directions. Enjoy unique coffee and play dominos games or enjoy the hustling and bustling of this lively spot. This spot hosts many street festivals like every year, Carnaval Celebration and can’t-miss Calle Ocho festival, which is its own street festival, displays authentic culture and flags that show Miami's cultural heritage. This is a place to enjoy trendy Latin, and American meals and late-night stretched merriments and music.

 Miami Seaquarium

Are you an ocean enthusiast and love whatever in the ocean life? This Sea aquarium is perfect for you. This aquarium is located in Virginia Key, Biscayne Bay, and is considered the oldest aquarium in the US. Keep your eyes out for dolphins and swim with Lids and become an animal coach for a day. Stroll to the touch pool and see bamboo sharks, invertebrate marine fishes. Hopefully, these wonderful will creatures make your day and will set you in the exact mood for discovering more of the best attractions in Miami.

 Art Deco Historic District

Mostly the tourist flocks at Miami in the warm climate to perfectly enjoy the lovely shorelines, so there’re many outclass hotels and caterings to these sites. Art Deco developed an ideal design theme for attractiveness and cost savings related to constructions. The effect was that the South Beach district now holds the largest group of Art Deco construction globally. At present z the tourist can see various vibrant buildings well-kept in their complete glory. You’ll see almost 96 buildings in 6th street and Collins Park. Start your itinerary from Ocean Dive's Art Deco Welcome Center located on 10th street and explore many interesting neighborhoods around it. This is a perfect place to learn about the backstory of many top-notch locations and preservation efforts. Strolling through the buildings of this district is one of the best thing to do in Miami, upon your visit, you will know, why!

 Phillip & Patricia Frost Science Museum

Experience this ideally Downtown located museum. This is South Florida’s first Science and technological museum. When you’re discovering the waterfront of Miami, this is a perfect place to stop. This museum hosts many exhibitions which give the knowledge about the outer space. To discover the Everglades ecology, visit the advanced Grass River or learn about the black holes and how the star formed and more at the planetarium shows. Plus, there are many outdoor exhibitions organized for further details of stars and many interesting technologies.

Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park was the UNESCO world heritage park recognized in 1976. This is a historic park and was organized in 1934. This park is considered the largest tropical wildlife spot in the US and the chief wilderness part of the Mississippi River. This park is a national gem having a unique ecosystem as compared to other wildlife on Earth. Don’t miss exploring this park through boating. Plus, enjoy the ranger-led events in this park and discover every bit of this part through a guided tour. These informative events help you to understand what Everglades National Park offers for you.

 Bayside Marketplace

Are you a shopaholic? Enjoy this waterfront market located near Bayfront Park. Here you’ll find an expedient collection of shops, trendy restaurants, and cafeterias. If you jump on the River Walk, you'll ultimately reach this place. This is a perfect place to check out the modern fashion brands that are all accessibly found in this place. This is a double-story outdoor shopping area. Look out for the yachts going and upcoming as you sip cool drinks or latte at Lombardi Italian Restaurant or Mojito Bar.


Visit this another best neighborhood of Miami, well known because of its local citizens. Popular for its trendy restaurants and cafes and creative art decor streets. Visit every month's second Saturday when the streets meet with the music, entertainments, and dance during the Art Walk every month. This spot helps to revitalize different American Urban's and is a riding wave of redevelopment. Here you'll find nearly 70 museums, art galleries, endlessly innovative and new restaurants, and vibrant setups that trigger many vendors. When you visit here, you'll see Miami's spectacular view, which is why this is a perfect shopping area for the tourist.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Explore this classic villa, developed in 1916 by F. Burrall Hoffman, who was inspired by elements of the Italian Renaissance and combined strong tipoffs of Tucson design throughout. Here you’ll find a fine collection of art in museums and manicured gardens. Nowadays, this 50-acre land is open as a museum and has main buildings, gardens, and a far track of the forest. Visiting this villa and getting the glory of the garden is a lovely thing to do in Miami, visit it, and you will know why!

Miami Design District

This is a place for those who love a few great things in their lifespan. You'll have a great shopping experience here. There are plenty of high outclass brands like Dior, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Prada, which had trade locations in this district. You can sample a variety of trendy restaurant serves delectable meal from award-winning chefs. Whereas you can also wander historic art collections that many famous artists like Buckminster Fuller and many different creative artists made. The combination of great artworks offers a chance to explore some exciting things in Miami.

 Miami Professional Sports

Are you a sports enthusiast? Head to the Miami Professional Sports. This spot makes Miami a perfect place to catch your favorite games when visiting here. You can get tickets for many games like Marlins and Panthers. Play popular NBA games at the Airlines American Arena. Watch Infront of matchups and go to catch a game. You can also get a ticket in StubHub or other sellers. Many well-known gamers come to this place like David Beckham in 2020 to play Major League Soccer. Jump in the Hurricane University to experience unique sporting shops in this great market.

Getting Around in Miami

Many of the travelers think about how to explore Miami completely? So don't worry, there are many options for getting around in Miami. There is a major centrally-located airport, "Miami International Airport," which is just 10 minutes away from the Downtown. We all know very well what Florida provides to drivers. Many cheap car rentals have a variety of cars, so you can book your favorite one and can easily go to your favorite sites. While there are many online services like Uber and Lyft. The public transport service is also here, including Metro Rail and Metro-mover automatic transmit service. If you find an alternative automobile service, you can opt for Metrobus, which is passing from all the Attractions of Miami.

In a nutshell, we can say that Miami is a Magical City that has it all. There are many never-ending Attractions in Miami. You'll experience ideal weather here that you never see anywhere in the US. Either you’re a shopaholic or want to discover innovative and new art galleries; there's everything for you. You can easily access sparking skyline beaches, outclass art spaces, and amusement area. No worry what your excitement definition is; you'll discover something to make you laugh in your itinerary.

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