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American Destinations

Here are the best vacation spots of a state full of mysteries and wonders altogether, America! These places grace our list for a reason; they are full of vibrant colors, sprawling metropolitan areas, beaches, cultural and cuisine diversity, Hollywood entertainment, and everything else that makes them a top pick!

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Best Time to Visit United States

Let us help you decide the preferable time of visiting America through these seasonal weather details:


In San Francisco and nearby cities, the climate remains mild; it is quite rainy in the months of winter and vice versa in summers. Apart from that, the sun is not an early riser here; it comes out late in the morning and keeps shining for the remainder of the day.

When the winds blow from inland, then San Francisco experiences hot weather. It happens because a cool breeze flows through California's coast, which further brings alternations to the climate and makes it mild, along with hindering the formation of rain clouds.

Top Destinations in America

San Francisco / US

  • 377 Properties
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Houston / US

  • 862 Properties
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Miami Beach / US

  • 721 Properties
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